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Welcome to my Vatore Family Legacy and October Vampire themed story. I’m not necessarily following any specific rules or guidelines on this legacy as I’ve done in the past, however I am following the natural trend of the base family placed into the Sims.

I’m using resources of the apparent backgrounds of my characters to develop a natural story plot. It’s pretty cool because I remember avidly playing the stock families placed into the world back from Sims 1 to now.. Shoutout to the Pancake Fam, Goth family, Broke family, and Goth 2.0. I don’t know how long I’ll be posting this family for, but lets give it an attempt for October!

Lets see how the lifeline goes on! Thanks for stopping by. <33 J

Edit: I’ve found a Vampire Legacy Challenge simply self titled that someone made in 2017 that I will try and follow for some structure and to checkoff another probably unfinished challenge LOL. BUT I AM DETERMINED!

Vampire Legacy Challenge on Sims 4 Forums


10-02-18_11-03-33 PM


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