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Lilith Vatore and Caleb Vatore are twins who moved to the Forgotten Hollow neighborhood to try and find their own life’s paths. They’re nontraditional vamps meaning they dislike drinking plasma from Sims without their permission prior.

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Lilith: She has the natural intuition of building her nocturnal family and raising her offspring and continuing the bloodline. She’s currently single and newly transformed by none other than Count Vladisalus. He is part of one of the oldest vampire lifelines known in history and subsequently the neighbor of the Vatore twins. Ever since her transformation, she knows being a vampire is the only life for her future.

Caleb: He on the other hand, values human life. He is also newly adjusting to his transformed life however, he somehow did not acquire the same fate his twin sister did. Caleb was turned by another member of the community, Miss Hell, another one of Count Vladisalus’ prodigies, after an argument broke loose. The details of the argument will never be known for sure. Rumor is- an argument between the Count and Caleb escalated, regarding his sisters transformation. Caleb so was badly injured by this duel, Miss Hell actually saved his life by transforming him as well. He is naturally a ‘good vampire’ as the community labels him. He blends into the human connection and tries to ignore his nature.

They’ve set off into the world for social entertainment so they hit The Llama, the local pub, for happy hour. The twins definitely take on different spirits, as one is more playful and the other is self conscious. Which is which? I wonder…

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Tonight wasn’t any special vampire night get together, instead it was a Ghost-Nite-Out. Lilith tried to make friends but ultimately didn’t think a ghost could be her future life partner; Caleb went and flirted at the bar with this really cute kitty cat but then realized it was a man. They kept talking and seemed to have a connection. Why does a man wear cat ears to the bar? Anyway, kitty man was telling Caleb about rumors he heard about secret clubs and locations for vampires to meet… But he was a kitty so really what did he know? Later when the twins went home, Caleb decided it was time to do some research.

10-02-18_11-03-33 PM10-03-18_10-36-41 AM10-03-18_10-36-43 AM10-03-18_10-38-26 AM10-02-18_10-45-06 PM

Let’s see what happens next…



1 thought on “1.1

  1. This is a fun start. I especially liked the line, “But he was a kitty, so really what did he know?” 🙂


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