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Over the next couple of weeks Caleb wouldn’t let what he heard at the Love festival… His future love life looked bland? How could it be bland if he’s living his best life!

Alas, another night, another night out at the night club. There was this really cute and charming girl, Candy. Couldn’t tell if she was with that dude in the sweater, but she told Caleb she was single. He wasn’t too shy about his love for people, he even has extra allure traits that may have had Candy extra attracted.

[my game has been kind of glitchy recently, so a lot of my Sims overlap, but it sometimes makes for perfect pics. Peep the couple grinding while my sims are trying to have a decent conversation! #Relateable]

Caleb must have said something disturbing to Candy since she left the club in a hurry. That dude in the sweater followed her out, so maybe he was with her after all?

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Later that week, Caleb gave Candy a call and told him to meet him at the Humor & Hijinks Festival. He wasn’t playing any tricks on her even though he did drink the Pranksters Tea. He hated that feeling that someone was mad at him. The only enemy Caleb swore to ever have was Count Vlad!

It’s perfect timing whenever these festivals are at nighttime. Even though Caleb is a master rank Vampire now, he is still effected by the sunlight. He’ll avoid it if he can. Anyway, Caleb and Candy seemed to have had a successful outing with a beautiful firework display to end the night!

10-14-18_7-41-43 PM10-14-18_7-38-03 PM10-14-18_7-44-15 PM10-14-18_7-44-19 PM

Later that night whenever Caleb went home, guess who was at the door! That’s right! Our favorite kitty man Tetsu! As mentioned before, Caleb loves everyone, men, women, even kitty men! Having such a blast with Candy at the festival left Caleb parched. Tetsu was kind of at the wrong place at the wrong time.. or maybe at the right place at the right time?

Caleb: “Heyy, Tetsu buddy! Heyy we’ve been friends for quite some time now.. I’ve told you about how awesome our vampire lifestyle is.. How about you try it out? You ever think about living an immortal life instead of just having 9 kitty lives?!”

Tetsu: “Hmm, I never thought of it like that.. I’ve never really thought of it before. Maybe.. Sure.. I’ll thi….”

Caleb: “I heard sure!!!”

And before Tetsu could even finish his sentence, Caleb gave into the temptation and worked his magic and they were bonded in a way, eternally.

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Until next time…



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