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A few nights later and back over at the nightclub bar, looks like someone had their first transformation in at a really inconvenient time…

10-15-18_2-12-33 PM10-15-18_2-12-48 PM10-15-18_2-12-15 PM

Caleb and Candy show up not much later at the bar too, both still mad at Lilith. What was her intention? To transform Candy to get Caleb and Candy together? Someone obviously didn’t finish reading the Lore Encylopedia’s.

When a Vampire transforms a Mortal Sim, the transformed becomes an offspring. The Master Vampire is responsible for the training and the subsequent offspring produced henceforth.


Caleb transformed one offspring: Kitty man Tetsu
and Lilith has transformed two offspring: Redhead Tetsu and Candy

Great, now that we’re all up to speed… Oh wait.. Candy is feeling herself change, also at an inopportune time. While that was going on behind Caleb’s back, Count Vlad walked into the rooftop bar. Even though it’s nighttime, why isn’t he INSIDE?

Remember, Count had transformed Lilith as he is one of the oldest Vampire’s and original bloodlines left in Forgotten Hollows. However, Caleb does not care about history, he cares that this monster had changed the fate of his and his sisters forever. So while Candy was having a thing, Caleb was having a Spar!

10-15-18_2-17-27 PM10-15-18_2-19-39 PM10-15-18_2-19-55 PM

They came out even more so enemies, but the sun was coming up so it was time for everyone to go home. That “Closing time” song never came on, so it’s hard to gauge when it’s actually closing time.

The next day, Caleb had to get some work done. He’s a local food and wine critic, so he blogs about his opinions trying to achieve some sort of appreciation from a Vampires point of view. He goes to festivals to try out different things. Of course, Kitty man Tetsu is his source of HOT places to visit, lol Tetsu really is a good friend.

For some reason, the HOT thing to do at the local Spice festival was to snag a festival T-shirt. Caleb tried to haggle before even asking the vendors name so, you know how that went. The vendor tried to say “SOLD OUT” even though there are clearly many ugly festival shirts available.

He’s a foodie and can stomach human food unlike his sister who becomes nauseous at the smell. That’s kind of ironic since she is a Food and Drink Caterer… OH if you’re wondering why Caleb isn’t burning by the sun, he’s maxed out SUN PROTECTION qualities but had to sacrifice with being a SLOPPY DRUNK. Maybe that’s why he’s always at the bar.

10-17-18_12-00-33 AM10-17-18_12-01-38 AM10-17-18_12-02-56 AM10-17-18_12-02-20 AM10-17-18_12-05-22 AM

Caleb got the ugly t-shirt but didn’t put it on. He asked the vendor to ship it to his house… self-conscious much?

Anyway, Until next time…


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