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It’s boys night out at the Kitty Bar (typical men) and Caleb is taking advantage away from his sister. He’s just trying to have a chill night without being bothered except this man with a really awful nose kept trying to sell him some sort of used car parts? Items from a junk yard? Caleb couldn’t recall because he couldn’t stop staring at that crazy nose!

This other redhead guy Tim Burger was hanging out too. Caleb recognized him, one of Kittyman Tetsu’s cousins or friends or something. Katrina Caliente, surprise ANOTHER redhead, was there too. She was really one of the only girls around so Caleb just popped a seat next to her. It took him 3.5 seconds to listen to her ask about his hair stylist before he got up on his own to listen to some jukebox tunes.  He was thinking to himself “wow her hair isn’t even real red, it’s dyed red. And she wants to know MY stylist? Wow maybe I should have given it to her…”

10-17-18_11-01-38 AM10-17-18_10-59-43 AM10-17-18_11-04-40 AM

Looks like someone is having a bad night. Caleb went home after not even feeling a buzz.

The next night, he tried to go out to a different location to try and relax. He saw some new faces he didn’t recognize so he went over to be friendly. If showing off his vampire skills is appropriate icebreaker conversation, then he nailed it.

Meanwhile, before she could even say hi to Caleb, Candy had her transformation! Her dark self is a much cuter look on her, I think personally.

Once Caleb saw Candy was in the crowd, he suddenly didn’t feel like being out anymore. What a buzzkill he is. So early for him, around midnight, he went home. 10-17-18_9-00-39 PM10-17-18_8-54-56 PM10-17-18_8-55-25 PM10-17-18_8-55-48 PM10-17-18_8-57-49 PM

Over the week, Caleb only went for walks around his neighborhood in the evening time to think about what he was doing with his future. He couldn’t just go out every night and spend all the money he was barely making as a foodie critic.

And out of no where, he runs into a mysterious looking woman, Sade Bearden. She approached him and just simply tells him not to forget where he came from. Caleb tried asking Sade what she meant, where did she come from? Did she know him? Did she know about his past before he turned? Is she just some crazy lady who can’t even remember where she came from so she’s telling him not to forget where he lives?? We may never know…

10-17-18_9-07-52 PM.png

Everything’s been so strange lately.. so until next time…

10-17-18_11-02-52 AM.png



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