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Let’s check in on Lilith…

Caleb told Lilith about Tim Burger and how he was the only decent dude he’s talked to all week. After Lilith was tired of trying to contact Redhead Tetsu, she thought she would give Tim Burger a call. After a few days of texting back and forth, he came over to the house. And to NO surprise to me, Redhead Tetsu showed up within seconds of Redhead Tim reaching the front door.

10-17-18_9-12-28 PM.png

Lilith: “Tetsu, you cannot just show up here whenever you want to after you have clearly GHOSTED me for the last week. Which is not even funny seeing as you are a VAMPIRE.”

Tetsu: “So I don’t answer a few calls and you’re onto the next victim? TIM! Watch out! She just wants your PLASMA!”

Tim: “Heyy man, I want no part in this, ya’ll can hash it out, I’m just gonna hang out over he…”


Tetsu selfishly goes over to play bilibloc while Lilith tries to explain everything to Tim in the corner. And by explain everything, she tries to convince him to join her in her coven build and let her take his Mortal Self. Well Tim was NOT having it. Not after Tetsu just caused a scene.

Leave it to Lilith to do as she pleases. A) She was thirsty and B) Besides Candy, it looks like her coven attraction is going to be all the Redhead Townies she lays her eyes on. Candy can just be her prodigy. So right, Lilith transformed Tim and he was even more unhappy that he just leaves immediately.

10-17-18_9-13-18 PM10-17-18_9-13-35 PM10-17-18_9-15-00 PM10-18-18_12-31-44 AM10-18-18_12-31-57 AM

OR SO I THOUGHT. After a few hours passed with Lilith being upstairs trying to make amends with Tetsu, She goes downstairs to find Tim just sitting at the dinner table making conversation with Caleb.

Caleb: “Ohh Hey Tim! What’s up!!”

Tim: “Hey man your sister is a bitch”

Caleb: “You didn’t have to tell me that, I knew that already.”

Tim: “Yeah man I gotta go, See ya later”

Caleb: “Yeah I’ll walk outside with you”

10-18-18_12-35-18 AM.png

And with that, Caleb left to go work on his fishing skills in the moonlight while Lilith went off to work.

10-18-18_12-37-27 AM.png



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