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Over the next few days, Lilith got a promotion! It’s hardly a promotion, she’s still a line cook. She still gets the bad jobs like cutting onions, but at least it’s not dealing with any garlic. Vamps in the game really DO hate that! Took her a minute to gain a GARLIC IMMUNITY trait.

One night, Lilith invited Redhead Tetsu to come over so she could apologize since he still seemed to be upset. She even made him some sort of bun. It’s just when Tetsu started eating it, his stomach was not ready for any type of gluten or any type of mortal meal.

Tetsu: *BARF* “What is going on!? I used to LOVE Sticky Buns!”

Lilith: “Sometimes vampires can’t tolerate bad food and they have to go for something more, wholesome…”

It was then, that Tetsu realized he was really starting to become a Vamp and that he may be in deep trouble… But also, he realized he wasn’t walking around so hunch back all the time, and his hair didn’t look half bad…

10-18-18_12-42-07 AM10-18-18_1-06-03 AM10-18-18_1-06-19 AM

Caleb: “Oh Hey Tetsu, Back from dead to see my sometimes less bitch of a sister?”

Tetsu: “Err, Yea, so is it true I have to start transforming people in order to calm my stomach down?”

Caleb: “Wow is that what my sister is training you to do? No.. Absolutely not.. You can get plasma sources from plants, fish, plasma fruit bowls, TONS of stuff”

10-18-18_1-08-10 AM10-18-18_1-08-16 AM

And with that, Tetsu left for the evening. Caleb then sat down and enjoyed the nice hot sticky bun to himself. He is a foodie and has the CALM STOMACH trait so he can eat whatever he wants. He still needs plasma in order to control his thirst but ain’t no denying the love for buns!

10-18-18_1-08-47 AM.png

Later that evening, while the twins were out walking the park, Caleb had a sit down with his sister, who was still wearing her work clothes.

[i noticed the pre-set outfit selections for Caleb Vs Lilith worth mentioning… Caleb literally has one outfit and maybe a bedtime one, Lilith on the otherhand has many different cute ones. You’ll see in future posts]

Caleb: “All these people you’re turning, you need to train them, not just gawk at them”

Lilith: “It’s a bit awkward after the fact, I’m doing them a favor you know. Making them immortal, making them attractive because surely the hair is helping none of them”

Caleb: “Do you realize then you’ve made the unattractive immortal coven…”

[I think Lilith’s expression says it all LOL and disclaimer: nothing against redheads lol]

10-18-18_1-11-18 AM10-18-18_1-12-01 AM10-18-18_1-12-23 AM

The twins went off to the bar where they run into Tim Burger. Lilith tried to explain the lifestyle but Tim hasn’t turned yet so his expression was typical.

[At this point, I didn’t know which redhead I was going to have Lilith extend her bloodline with. At first I imagined it with Tetsu but he kept walking with a hunch back, really ugly lol… then I found Tim but then realized he was married to Elizabeth Burger. Isnt it funny how theres Tim and Elizabeth Burger in TS4 and in previous there was Bob and Eliza Pancakes?? haha clever!]

10-18-18_1-17-14 AM10-18-18_1-17-33 AM

While Lilith was talking to Nina or Dina Caliente [lol cant remember which ones which] she was trying to determine if she should transform female redheads… but decided to stick with the men as victims.

Before I made the twins go back home, Tim turned.

[I am loving seeing the dark form of the NPC’s]

10-18-18_1-18-51 AM10-18-18_1-20-35 AM10-18-18_1-20-53 AM

Stay tuned to see who’s next…


2 thoughts on “1.9

  1. Instead of painting the town red, she’s turning the town undead!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There still is Bob and Eliza Pancakes. 🙂 And your burger family Is a randomly generated townie family and not a prebuilt. (At least I think they’re a randomly generated, I like the idea that they’re compared to the Pancakes. )


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