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((Authors note: I’ve decided to slightly change my writing style based on other brilliant simlits i’ve seen. shorter txt/pic/txt/pic for more easier reading on the eyes hopefully.))

The next day some new redheaded guy just showed up at the Vatore household. Have I mentioned that their bills are pretty expensive, like 5k simoleons, and this is before I bought a computer and a couple tv’s.

Nobuya Ikeda was already questionable because he was wearing gloves as if he just robbed some place.

10-18-18_4-44-08 PM.png

Nobuya: “There are others like us out here however none powerful enough to face Count Vlad. I hear you two have a history with him?”

Caleb: “VLAD! How did you know he was my enemy??”

Nobuya: “I too was once turned and am a prodigy of his doing. He is a poor leader who does not provide proper teachings or provide anything at all for that matter.”

10-18-18_4-44-58 PM.png

Lilith: “Wait but how did you know about us?”

Nobuya: “There has only been 1 established Manor in this Hollow and now your family has moved in. It must be for purpose. Our breed is dying out yet we are immortal. You must create a coven, overtake Count Vlad, and leave your legacy.”

Caleb: “I just don’t understand, where did you come from?”

Nobuya: “I gotta go…”

So that was a little strange… Later in the evening, Lilith went outside for some gardening and workouts. I made her garden, she’s produced beautiful plasma trees and the berries. I made a mistake by planting a garlic plant just by curiosity, but she has that GARLIC IMMUNITY trait so it’s bearable.  She always chooses to work out whenever I don’t instruct her to do anything.

10-18-18_4-53-21 PM.png

While outside, a new redhead kinda snuck up behind her with a sour attitude. You know Lilith, she spots that red hair, she goes in for the kill! She actually tried to get plasma from redhead cowboy without asking, that made him more mad.

Lilith changed her mind on turning this cowboy, she wasn’t into his angry vibe. But that didn’t stop him from coming into her house and keep lecturing her on something.

10-18-18_4-49-55 PM.png

Lilith: “Look man, You came here outta nowhere, don’t get mad I was just trying to help.”

And with nothing important said, he left.

10-18-18_4-52-22 PM.png

Why does the neighborhood keep populating redheads?

There’s so many I’m losing track of the names of them, that’s why I’m resorting to nicknames haha.

Lilith wet to the bar, surprise, and there was another redhead, SURPRISE.

10-18-18_5-19-06 PM

[I actually placed this “custom vampire bar” found in the directory thinking it would be easy to just walk across the street. False, you still have to travel to this lot and wait for it to load even though you can see the Vatore household in the background.]

10-18-18_5-19-27 PM

Guess who showed up! Tim Burger! He looked a little sour his neck hurt, well Lilith is a little butt hurt Tim didn’t tell us he was married!

10-18-18_5-20-47 PM

Lilith was trying to give Tim the low down on the vamp life that now it’s a tad too late… he’s turned but he should embrace it! She tried to tell him his stamina will improve and his wife should LOVE it!

10-18-18_5-21-52 PM.png

So many ghosts showed up tonight, must have been their Ghostly hour! Lilith was feeling outnumbered so she went to the head.

10-18-18_5-34-46 PM

In the bathroom, who does she run into? None other than Elizabeth Burger! Tim’s wife! haha! She does not look please, but Lilith is not threatened. Her mocking expression is comedic to me because I did not pose her to do this lol

10-18-18_5-34-36 PM

What an awkward evening. Lets check in with them tomorrow…




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