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It’s another day and Lilith wanted to venture out during the day. She has the aspiration goal of Transform 5 sim into your offspring to join into her coven. Guess Nobouya was right about the coven forming…

Lilith went to the gym, since she loves to work out. She saw this young man, Brent Heckling, with light red hair…

10-18-18_5-43-24 PM.png

It really didn’t take too long until he showed a little bit of interest in what she was saying that he asked if she wanted to work out with him in the future. Lilith thought she could do him one better.

10-18-18_5-46-20 PM10-18-18_5-46-34 PM

So far that makes 4! One more until she reaches her goal of 5 offspring! She really is getting swift at this! I believe she’s basically a Grand Master.

10-18-18_5-47-09 PM.png

While Lilith was in town, I sent her to the library to catch up on some lore readings but she was more interested in playing what looks like sims1. Can’t be all work and no play!

10-19-18_12-29-37 AM.png

But she needed to get cultured in other ways so I also sent her to the museum. She learned of the Medieval times which was very interesting to her. There truly is a deeply rooted Sims history here!

10-19-18_12-37-23 AM.png

Alas, she saw what appeared to be another young redheaded man. Edmund Camacho, I believe he said his name was.

10-19-18_12-41-14 AM.png

Lilith: “How would you like to join an exclusive club? Once in a life time offer? Looks like you’re a man of mystery, a scientist… why not be able to learn for eternity??”

10-19-18_12-41-40 AM.png

What Edmund didn’t tell Lilith was that he was just days away from aging up into an elder! He feels like he just won the lottery! A little more years to his life couldn’t hurt? So he thinks…

10-19-18_12-42-43 AM.png10-19-18_12-43-02 AM.png

The girls that Lilith didn’t want to associate with the other day walked into the museum.

Caliente girl: “Fancy seeing you out in the day, Lilith.”

10-19-18_12-44-03 AM.png

Caliente girl: “Watch out for this one Camacho…”

And with that, the mean girls left.

For housekeeping, Lilith has created 5 offspring:

  1. Candy Behr
  2. Redhead Tetsu
  3. Tim Burger
  4. Brent Heckling
  5. Edmund Camacho

10-19-18_12-44-28 AM.png

Back at the Vatore household…

10-19-18_12-57-14 AM.png

[Remember when I wondered why they have Mirrors all over the Vampire house when Vamps shouldn’t want to see their reflection? IT’S IN THE DETAILS PEOPLE! They CAN’T see their reflection! haha! Very clever!]

Lilith called over Tetsu and Candy to hangout.

10-19-18_12-57-45 AM.png

She was offering some vampire training and it looks like Candy is very interested. Candy kept asking questions about if there were limits on “prey”. That should have been another red flag Candy was crazy.

10-19-18_12-58-15 AM.png

Lilith seemed to be having “girl power” talk and encouraging Candy. Who know’s what the result could be…

10-19-18_12-57-58 AM.png

Redhead Tetsu tried to chime in on this girl talk which turned off the vibe. He was turning Lilith off and this was who I was trying to make a relationship with. Not a good look for you Tetsu man.

10-19-18_12-59-58 AM.png

*DING DONG* Who could that be?

Unexpectedly, It’s Nobouya again. Does he ever call first?

10-28-18_12-38-55 AM.png

Nobouya: “I hear your coven is complete”

Caleb: “My what? No i’m not trying to befriend Vlad or anyone related to him.”

Nobouya: “Well I hear a coven is complete, who has completed the task?”

10-28-18_12-40-04 AM.png

Meanwhile, back upstairs…

Lilith: “So really, to continue the coven, I was thinking, you just breed with my brother and we can train your natural offsprings together!”

Candy: “Wait what??”

10-28-18_12-40-32 AM.png

Lilith: “Well to continue the legacy. Don’t you want to continue your line?”

Candy: “I mean I guess, I didn’t… I didn’t realize… Does it have to be Caleb? Why not Tetsu?”

10-28-18_12-41-03 AM.png

Lilith, shocked and confused: “Wait, is there something going on between you two?”

Tetsu: “Errr, I think we should go”

10-28-18_12-42-36 AM.png

And with that, they were off before morning.

Tomorrow is Halloween for them, so lets check back then…




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  1. Poor Lilith. She must have been through so many awkward conversations.

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