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It’s Halloween! Irl and in game! Shoutout to @SimGirl1010 for hosting a Spooky Packs giveaway. I actually won one of the 3 packs she was giving away! Perfect timing because I added it to my story and I fully took advantage.

The Vatore’s were planning to throw a Halloween party so Lilith was busy getting ready.

10-28-18_12-45-33 AM.png

What has she created?

10-28-18_12-47-19 AM.png

It Pump-kitty. I guess inspired by her oh so favorite person, Kitty man Tetsu. Which, have you noticed he’s been MIA lately? Ever since he’s transformed, he doesn’t like to go out or show up so really we haven’t seen him. I’m sure Caleb’s a bit upset.

But anyway, doesn’t the Pump-kat look good outside?

10-28-18_12-51-46 AM.png

Right, so Caleb’s been trying to meet new people while also trying to combat his thirst. Pretty sure the townies don’t like being asked to give up some plasma after just one friendly interaction.

10-28-18_1-09-04 AM10-28-18_1-09-20 AM

Again, you know how it is, desperate times call for desperate measures.

10-28-18_1-09-58 AM10-28-18_1-10-16 AM

Back at home it’s FINALLY costume party time!! Let’s see everyone’s costumes!

[I love how they decide on their own apparel]

Here we have Lilith.

10-28-18_1-18-30 AM.png

I am not sold on her Uni mascot costume…

Next, we have Candy.

10-28-18_1-19-10 AM.png

Look’s like she’s in torn up uni uniform. Strange choice.

Next up, we have Brent who thought the party would be a good time for his first dark form transformation.

10-28-18_1-20-04 AM.png

His dark form isn’t bad and neither was his mailman costume.

10-28-18_1-20-42 AM.png

I believe it was Tim who was hanging out in the bathroom all night admiring his own costume. This is the only pic I got because I barely recognized him being in the house.

10-28-18_1-20-19 AM.png

He’s some sort of Halo Character? IDK haha

Here up next is Caleb!

10-28-18_1-21-23 AM.png

HAHA CALEB! I really do not know what this is. Any ideas?? Please comment below!! I don’t think even HE knows what he’s dressed up as? Like I’ve said previous, he has one outfit for all 6 pre-set outfits. Useless.

10-28-18_1-21-36 AM.png

When Caleb went inside, you would not believe who it was at the carving station.

10-28-18_1-23-31 AM.png


Tetsu: “Heyy Your sister invited me to the party man! Like my costume??”

10-28-18_1-23-53 AM.png

Some sort of astronaut I think.

Tetsu didn’t even finish carving his pumpkin before he just went into the other room. What’s up with him man?

In the kitchen, the caterer was busy away cooking but honestly, all she kept making were these Halloween cookies. I mean she would not stop! Even with that, Lilith went looking in the fridge.

10-28-18_1-25-00 AM.png

Need I remind you, she can’t even tolerate FOOD! Why don’t you go join your friends on the dance floor Lilith?

10-28-18_1-26-53 AM.png

I realize I do have more shots of Tim in his… ima go with Halo costume because that is definitely no Ninja Turtle.

10-28-18_1-24-41 AM.png

Oh and almost forgot to put this one here. I think Redhead Tetsu is the Ninja. A bit of a wallflower since he is trying to take this book…

Meanwhile, outside the house looks like there are some wandering guests.

10-28-18_1-27-54 AM.png

Lilith goes outside to great Nobouya and Vivian Basu but can’t really see who that 3rd person was.

10-28-18_1-28-36 AM.png

Before she could friendly introduce herself…

10-28-18_1-29-02 AM.png


Vlad: “Son, you realize we are the only two inhabitants of this neighborhood. I am simply just walking by.”

10-28-18_1-29-48 AM.png


Vlad: “We are a strong force my son, do not be angry with me.”

10-28-18_1-30-00 AM.png

And with that, Vlad left.

Lilith was being distracted by Nobouya and didn’t see the quick exchange, so she just went back inside to look for food again.

10-28-18_1-31-55 AM.png

The sun was coming up, so that meant the party guests started dwindling home.

When everyone was gone, Lilith striped out of that hideous costume.

Lilith: “Caleb, why do you seem so angry? The party was a golden success!!”

10-28-18_1-33-49 AM.png

Tetsu: “He’s just a little mad because I won’t be his boyfriend”

10-28-18_1-33-40 AM.png

Lilith: “I’m gonna leave you two to figure it out. I have to go to work in a few hours.”

10-28-18_10-09-57 AM.png

Caleb: “Haha, yea, YOU won’t LET yourself be my boyfriend? How do you know I’m interested in you anymore anyway? Good cover to make my sister go away, Thanks for that.”

Tetsu: “Have you turned anyone else, Caleb? Admit it, you have a thing for me.”

Caleb: “IDK what to think. You just show up here after being MIA?”

Tetsu: “Oh yea, MIA.. I gotta go to miami, i’ll be back in a few. See ya soon C”

10-28-18_10-10-15 AM.png

And with that, Tetsu was gone again.

Until next time…






2 thoughts on “1.12

  1. VLAAAAD!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Caleb had on a maid costume, the astronaut is actually a rogue squadron pilot from star wars, and the halo character is actually boba Fett a bounty Hunter also from star wars. ^-^
    Candy’s ripped schoolgirl costume is “zombie”
    I think that was all of them you weren’t sure of?


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