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Calling all offspring!!

I had to officially create the group of the Coven and set the meeting place at the bar across the street because I couldn’t keep 5 people straight haha.

10-28-18_10-14-03 AM.png

Lilith is dressed in one of her outfits from her dresser. Like I said, she has super cute pre-set outfits whereas Caleb has ONE.

10-28-18_10-14-57 AM.png

As everyone just naturally took their seats at the bar, Lilith explained some official Coven duty. Basically how a legacy must be made and Vlad to be run out of the town, you know, easy tasks.

10-28-18_10-16-05 AM.png

Lilith took to training Tim Burger since he is the most newly transformed. Kind of surprising she is putting effort since he is MARRIED.

10-28-18_10-18-35 AM.png

Lilith: “Your skills need improving..”

10-28-18_10-19-44 AM.png

Lilith: “Ya just need a little of this and PIZZZAAAA. Can your wife do that??”

10-28-18_10-20-03 AM.png

Also doing a little training is our crazy girl Candy Behr.

I’ve set the coven group to have all positive vampire traits such as drinking plasma, make objects haunted, being in dark form, etc.

10-28-18_10-21-23 AM.png

Ever since I set the groups activities, Candy went all out on her first victim. I guess it makes sense, being the bartender serves plasma drinks…

10-28-18_10-22-07 AM.png

The men seem interested in the history and the meaning of being in the coven now that it is their fate. They sat down and prodded Lilith with many questions.

10-28-18_10-24-15 AM.png

And while that’s going on.. what do I see in the background??

10-28-18_10-24-24 AM.png

CRAZY CANDY GOING AGAIN! Another bartender to be at that! Isn’t she full of plasma? Guess it takes more than one drink. Or she’s really practicing.

10-28-18_10-24-40 AM.png

Poor thing. Sorry home girl!! Haha, just love the detailed expressions they have now a days! Strange Candy keeps going after the bartenders.

10-28-18_10-25-25 AM.png

She tried going for one of the Calinete’s but that girl did not give Candy the time of day.

10-28-18_10-28-13 AM.png10-28-18_10-28-22 AM.png

Before I made everyone leave because Candy was starting to cause a scene, I saw Lilith naturally flirting with redhead Tetsu. Finally, a little romantic interest who could be potential to help Lilith extend her legacy.

Hopefully they can make it work out because I’m getting impatient. There are officially 5 members in the coven, so a 2nd generation can finally be created.

10-28-18_10-27-39 AM.png

A first kiss is still a bit away from meeting an heir, but hey one step closer!

Until next time…


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