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During the week, Caleb decided to go and visit the next town over to accomplish his task of becoming a master yet friendly vampire.

I sent him to the library to try and research and work on some personal skills, but he ran into Sage Berry, a new girl to the neighborhood. [Not So Berry legacy insert here haha]

10-29-18_10-25-19 AM.png

He flirted a bit and she gave up a little taste pretty quickly. Caleb may have taken a little more than she was offering.

10-29-18_10-25-37 AM.png

Caleb shortly got a text from Lilith saying that Candy was inviting them to come over to her house! He bounced from the library right away, that place smelled weirder than his dresser, which had the same repeating outfit.

10-29-18_10-32-04 AM.png

The Behr residence looked simple from the outside and modestly simple on the inside. Had a little color for pop, just like Candy we suppose!

10-29-18_10-33-42 AM.png

Caleb immediately sensed out another being in the house. Candy’s sister perhaps? It’s confusing to me whether Caleb is interested in kittyman Tetsu or in Crazy Candy. When Caleb does flirt with Candy, she is left in an embarrassed mood. Must be one of those “it’s not you it’s me” situations.

10-29-18_10-33-38 AM.png

However, when Caleb showed interest towards Suki[? I believe her name was…] Candy got a little jealous. So again, I am confused as to any romantic interest that Caleb has with any one in this household.

10-29-18_10-34-26 AM.png

What Caleb DOES know is he needs to ask permission for plasma from one more person so he can rank up. Finding one more person is a lot harder than it seems. NO ONE is just willingly friendly like that these days!

10-29-18_10-35-14 AM.png

Caleb: “Suki you are quite a beautiful girl..” He whispered under his breath

Suki: “What was that?” Did she overhear him correctly?

Caleb leaning in closer: “I can help you stay beautiful forever.. I know the secret to a long lasting life.”

Suki, not very pleased with the situation, went downstairs to find Candy.

Suki: “I know what you’re doing here! Do you think I was born yesterday?!”

Caleb nervously: “I honestly came over here just to hang out and for a good time. I didn’t mean to cross any lines. You’re beautiful, I just thought I’d say.”

And with that, he left their house. As he was walking home, he ran into another pair of sisters.

Caleb: “Hello Ladies!!!”

Nina: “Caleb we just overheard and saw you get kicked out from the Behr’s house, now you’re trying to come over and rebound with us?”

Dina: “Do you think we’re some sort of bimbos who will romanticize with anyone!?”

Nina: “GOOD NIGHT CALEB VATORE! Let’s go Dina.”

And without even getting a word in, Caleb kept walking home. Girls are so judgemental huh? See it’s nearly impossible getting that plasma! Since he was getting pretty thirsty, he went to curb his appetite with some fish.

As soon as Caleb cast his net, someone else had some different plans for him.

[I could not make this up! Haha and what a beautiful background to be abducted by!]

We shall check in him again soon…


1 thought on “1.15

  1. Nyterose Shadowthorne December 5, 2018 — 9:43 am

    Poor Caleb! I hope he doesn’t end up with a “surprise!”


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