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There’s no one home yet random people keep coming to the house.

Perfect timing, Lilith was just getting home from work.

Lilith, tired: “Can I help you?”

Guest: “HEY! I’ve heard you’ve got some sort of book club group. I want to join!!”

Lilith: “I’m sorry, no new members.”

Speaking of members… The last of the coven is transforming (I think, because there’s so many now I can’t keep everyone in line. Haha it’s awful)

Oh yeah LOL. Mr Edmund Camacho is transforming which has saved him from aging anymore in his elder years. But also he will be forever old. Wonder what he would have preferred…

Lilith decided to host a get together at the watering hole so she could account for everyone.

An exclusively Redhead coven (beside candy who is Liliths’ unproclaimed right hand man).

Now that the coven was complete and everyone has been fully transformed, the coven technically now needs to grow into a new generation. To ensure a new lifeline. But that requires Lilith to then find a mate who from those within her coven.. we don’t have much pickings.

It’s fine, because we’ve gone 15 chapters and still no baby has appeared! Hopefully Caleb didn’t get impregnated haha. Whoever will be born first will be the entitled heir.

As you can see, there is an unwelcome guest to the party. Lilith never does make eye contact with the Count, mysteriously he leaves before they meet.

The sun is coming up, so everyone starts to disperse anyway.

The newest inducted member comes back to the Vatore household. I guess Candy thought she was needed too.

Lilith: “If you have any questions about your new found life, please, feel free to come by anytime.”

Edmund: “Your kitchen decor is fascinating… Where did you get it?”

Lilith, emotionless: “Errr questions about YOUR LIFE, like what do you do when you’re thirsty. Not how to decorate your home, Edmund.”

Anyway, A few days later, Lilith decided to hold another gathering outside at the Manor.

There was a huge turnout tonight!

Lilith: “Hey Candy! You looks like you’re enjoying yourself!”

Candy: “Oh very much so! Look at how many people there are to feed on!”

Lilith: “You know our Coven naturally was developed on the basis of staying friendly and not bringing harm to those around us.”

Candy, slightly confused slightly sarcastic: “So you’re telling me you didn’t bring all these people here for me to feed on?”

Someone unwanted was here again but didn’t cross paths with Lilith. It’s like the universe doesn’t let their pathways overlap somehow protecting Lilith.

But the universe DID bring together Redhead Tetsu and Lilith in some sort of romantic way… So we’ll leave them alone

We’ll check back next time!


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