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Lilith, Master Vampire, now practicing to be a master painter. One of her first pieces really speaks for itself.. KITTIES! And yet she’s working out immediately after.

She called for a group meet up at the kitty bar! First to show was redhead Tetsu.

Candy was already inside very busy with taking a little sip from whoever was in the bar.

And not even a few minutes after she was done, Edmund was in for a little taste as well! Someone didn’t tell him that Sims need a little rebound time or they’re bound to fight someone.

Lilith is too busy trying to mesmerize someone to govern the rules of the friendly established coven.

Honestly, who’s the one that’s mesmerized here?! Lilith can barely focus on anything else besides Tetsu! Look at everyone else just casually draining the plasma of everyone around.

The bar meetup had to finish up. Lilith really was so distracted. Her and Tetsu went back to home base.

When a girl wants something, she basically has to get it herself these days! (HAHA totally applies to real life!)

We could have built the relationship but come on, we knew a baby has to be on it’s way! Might as well show the wedding in this chapter!

Love how Lilith had her back to the camera most of the night. She even rushed to the alter before any of the guests arrived! Almost made everyone entirely miss the ceremony…

…Including her Groom! She has all eternity to do this, not really sure why she’s rushing all of a sudden.

PLEASE! Look how she was about to start this thing with no one watching…

You can see the people in the background running to take their seats.

What’s the shortest recorded ceremony? Pretty sure it’s this one.

Lilith: “I profess my love to you that you shall bow down to me for all of eternity.”

As the vows were being said, the guests were all pretty much here and everything was beautiful and couldn’t have gone smoother!

This was so cute! haha! I love that there was a pre-made wedding lot in the neighborhood. What a lovely location! Check back later to see the reception/after party!


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