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We are at the wedding reception of the NEWLY WED Mr. Tetsu and Mrs. Lilith Vatore!

Lilith: “Thanks for coming [kittyman] Tetsu”

Kittyman Tetsu, scoffing: “Yeah, Sure, Not a prob. Sorry I showed up a bit late ” (not)

What’s up with the kittyman? He’s got some sort of attitude all night. He’s acting a bit petty and it doesn’t seem that anyone notices. Watch him sit alone…

Where’s the bride and groom?! Running a bit late to their own reception…

Oh this.. right, priorities.

Sir Edmund passed by and overheard the activity… kind of lingered for an awkwardly long moment.

Caleb noticed Tetsu dragging along all alone still..

Caleb, concerned: “Tetsu? You alright?”

Tetsu, very short: “I’m fine.”

Caleb: “Don’t be such a woman, what’s with the attitude?”

Tetsu: “I don’t know, maybe I just imagined you were going to be the one to extend the legacy.. not your sister.”

Caleb: “And with who was I supposed to generate a new Heir with? I don’t exactly have any suitors. Everyone is too nervous just to let me have a taste of plasma.”

Tetsu, suddenly annoyed: “NO SUITORS!? What am I? CHOPPED LIVER to you?!?”

And Tetsu exited the building.

-In the kitchen-

Sage Berry (The Caterer) to guest: “WOW! Did you hear all that screaming? Anyway.. how do you like my extensive arrangement of dishes?”

Tim Burger: “It’s all rice pudding…. you made 8 dishes of rice pudding”

Sage Berry: “I KNOW! It’s great right?!?”

-Back in the reception hall-

Caleb: “Tetsu, I thought you left”

Tetsu: “Oh no, I’m just here chatting it up with your girlfriend, Candy.”

Candy: “Whoa, I am not involved! Please, why do I always get pushed into situations?”

Candy: “Hey Lilith, Great wedding! You look beautiful. I gotta run home I’m so tired! Thanks again for the invite”

Lilith: “Aw so soon? Is my brother up to something?”

Candy, nervously: “No.., NO! I just, really I’m tired.”

Tim Burger: “Hey, Yeah, Lilith, I gotta get home to the wife! Candy, I’ll walk you out!”

Lilith: “Right, your wife! Sorry she couldn’t make it.”

Tim: “No prob! It was a bit of a vampire exclusive anyway wasn’t it? Ha, Catch ya at the bar!”

Wow by the time the guests started leaving, the sun was coming up. Good time to wrap everything up.

But before Lilith could go home, for some reason she thought it was her responsibility to do the cleaning up. Maybe she didn’t pay for the maid service in her wedding package.

-Back at the Vatore Household-

*Insert Baby Made Lullaby here*

YAY! Pretty sure the pics were self explanatory. If not, check back soon to see what happens next!

Authors note: *Insert my plug for my other unfinished story here* haha! Sage Berry is another character of mine made for my Not So Berry Legacy Challenge. I attempted and failed earlier in 2018 haha but I plan to play it again soon!


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