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We find ourselves now at Candy’s house. Looks like Caleb felt guilty about how things ended at the wedding, he went to check on Candy and her fEeLiNgS.

Everything seemed like it went well since Caleb started crackin’ jokes and it looked like Candy was buying it! Haha how cheesy!

They actually were enjoying each others company so much, they didn’t realize how much time has passed.

Caleb: “Haha Alright Candy Girl, I gotta go.”

Candy: “OMG! Lets take a pic for simstagram!”

Caleb: “Simstawha?”

-The next day-

Some stranger: “YO DUDE! I know you!! You were that guy with DJ SUPERGROOVE!!!”

Caleb, confused: “I’m sorry what?”

Stranger: “ON THE GRAM MAN!! DOPE!”

The dude gave Caleb a high five and just walks away. Strange

-At the bar-

Random Ladies: “HEY! It’s you!! You’re the most eligible bachelor of Forgotten Hollows!!!”

Lady #2: “OMG IT IS!! My name is *** PLZ TAKE MY NUMBER”

You don’t have to tell him twice!

Caleb wasn’t sure what was going on, but it seems to have something to do with that simstagram picture Candy must have posted onto social media last night. Caleb didn’t think it was such a popular platform!

But all the ladies were trying to impress him and he was totally loving the attention!

Somehow he ended up half way through the night already double fisting. Geez Caleb lets slow it down! You have to work tomorrow!

-Back at the Vatore Household-

There was some random girl hanging around the house.. oh geez, he has stalkers now?

New girl: “Sir Vatore! Hey!”

Caleb: “I’m sorry, I’ve had a long night.. do I know you?”

MBB: “My names Millie Bobby Brown! I’m just passing by cuz I was doing a shoot in the area.”

Caleb: “Sorry I really don’t know what’s happening.”

MBB: “I just saw your photo of #Mosteligblevampire and since I was around and you were a hot topic right now, I thought you could just advertise my Positivity Challenge!”

Caleb: “I really didn’t even…”

and before he could finish talking

MBB: “You’re the Sweetest!!! I knew it! If you could just Simstagram you vow to be the friendliest Vamp and hashtag it #positivitychallenge I would be sure to have all the ladies check your bachelor contest”

Caleb: “Contest? I don’t know what you’re even saying but yea sure, i’ll post whatever. I gotta go inside, thanks for stopping by? I guess?”

Strange day right? We’ll check back again soon.


1 thought on “1.19

  1. This is my favorite part yet . XD


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