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Christmas is around the corner! Lilith did some redecorating around the house. Little tacky here and there, but this is the first time she really put on a show! [just taking advantage of seasons exp cuz I just got it hehe]

Lilith is actually in a surprisingly good mood.

Lilith: “Oh Tetsuuuuu”

Lilith: “Tetsu I’ve got such a surprise for you!!!”

Tetsu: “My dear it isn’t Christmas yet for a few days”

Tetsu: “WAIT DID YOU SAY… A BABY!? Oh Congrats to you! To us!!!”

And immediately Tetsu went inside…

…to do some baby research. Hah how precious, a first time father!!

-A few hours later-

Nina Caliente: “Well if it isn’t Caleb Vatore. The most Eligible bachelor of the town. Hahaha!”

Caleb, embarrassed: “I’m sorry are you mocking me? Or are you trying to catch a date with me? How bout a little taste of your plasma”

Nina: “Caleb. No. I’m making fun of you. haha!” and she walked away

-over at the nightclub-

Caleb felt like he was being followed everywhere he went by all the women that he knew and didn’t know! All thanks to Candy’s random post.

Caleb: “Oh Tetsu, thank god you’re here. You’re like the only normal person.. err kittyman, around here.”

Tetsu: “I’m just going to stop you right there. I’m not interested in your bachelor contest. You are clearly interested in other types of kitty”

Caleb: “Tetsu, oh come on man, I love all types of life. Didn’t you see my #positivity post?”

Tetsu: “Dude when did you start caring so much about social media? I’m gonna go over here…”

Just as the night was getting kind of interesting, some random event happened. IN THE CLUB, mind you.

Ummm, who is this guy? And why is everyone LEAVING!!!?

Geez, this is a bit traumatic don’t you think? People show up when you’re dead but not when you’re struggling. *pfft*

Grim: “Caleb Vatore?”

Caleb: “Oh NO! NOT ME NEXT!”

Grim: “Oh hey, No, I just saw you on #mosteligiblevampire! I can’t believe you’re here!”

Caleb: *seriously*

Yeah, looks like today wasn’t much of a better day. Everyone’s got sadness for the next few days. Lets hope something can cheer them up soon.


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  1. And all caught up on this now. :3 the app wouldn’t let me like the posts, but wonderful story!

    Liked by 1 person

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