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It’s just days away from Simsmas here in Forgotten Hollow so Lilith got everyone together for a little photo-op

[I dont use cc so I didn’t have them pose lol i’m just so lazy. KUDOS to all of you who use and support beautiful creators ]

What a beautiful holiday to remember! Lilith really is in the best of moods, she’s forgotten all about her coven. She’s got a moodlet which is making her have some fomo but I don’t think it’s showing on her face…

Lets check in with Caleb shall we?

He actually ran into Nina Caliente again…

Nina: Honestly, how are you more popular than me??

Caleb: You cannot actually be upset.. weren’t you the one just telling me to lay off social media the other day?

Nina, not even paying attention to Caleb: OH HONESTLY! My sisters just have nothing nice to say, I’m probably going to be the last to be married.. OH GOD!

Caleb: Nina! This racket. It’s going to make my ears pour plasma.. Ya gotta quick your crying over something so little

Nina, trying to regroup: I have no one on the holidays! WAHH

Caleb: Please, come inside…

Caleb: Alright you feeling better?

Nina: A little, glad I ran into you I guess. You do have a beautiful home.

Caleb: Thank you! You know what would probably make you feel better? Giving me a little taste of your plasma! Since we’re friends n all..


And she left the house… -sigh- Caleb just needs to have a little taste of plasma from someone to move on to his last leg of his friendly vamp aspiration. COME ON!

-Later on that day-

Caleb: So Lilith. My dear sister.. It seems as you are in a better position than I to continue this quest of our linage.

Lilith, smug: Oh Caleb, my sweet sweet brother, you don’t think I already knew this?

Lilith, coddling her belly: This first born will be the heir and he will have to make due with whatever task the universe shall bring to him. I’ve decided my duty is just to reproduce more vamps!

Caleb, a tad annoyed: Alright that’s a bit much.. but yes lets see this child.

So the next day when Lilith and Tetsu were just working on their skills..

Lilith felt this incredible pain in her body, even though vampires seem to extremely tolerant to pain, this one is definitely one that is indescribable

And at this very moment, Lilith was reconsidering her have a ton of babies plan

And you know what Tetsu decided to do? Mind you, on his own free autonomy, he decided to SERENADE LILITH AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

I mean idk if i’m supposed to be swooned by this or annoyed! Our girl is about to have a baby!! Lets get goin bud! haha

If Lilith is not impressed, neither are we!

-Finally over at the hospital-

Lilith was taken into the room, but then Tetsu thought his skills would be best utilized doing some research… UNTIL YOU REALLY LOOK WHAT HES UP TO! [lmao this game really kills me sometimes]

Our dude got it together tho and perfectly in time… He thought it was best if he was in his Dark Form for maximized confidence

And now… I introduce to the world… Our 2nd Heir.. and luckily a BOY!!! His name is Dominic Vatore! Welcome baby boi

Lets give a hand to the beautiful parents!! Great job dev team lmao. Can’t wait to see what baby Dom will look like when he ages up!

Till next time…


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  1. Dom is adorable! Congratulations to the happy parents! 🙂

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