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Legacy Rules

I’ve found a Vampire Legacy made by @Kamio. I’m not following the exact rules so here is what I’ve picked and chose for my story line. I never play for points so they’re not listed. I’ll try not to use cheats for this story 😉 Original rules can be found on the forum.


  • To grow your Vampire’s bloodline by turning sims

To start

  • Select a family living in any world
  • Since vamp aging is eternal after YA – timing of generations is still up in the air

The Rules

  • Your vampire must reach Prime Rank and have at least Vampire Lore Skill level 7 before turning their first sim and inviting them into the active household
  • New Vampires must reach Vampire Minor Rank before they can turn another sim and invite them into the active household
  • You may start a new coven/household of vampires as soon as your offspring reaches Vampire Master Rank (Move them out of the active household)
  • Existing Covens/households must have 5 vampire’s in residence before a new Coven can be started.
  • Vampires are forbidden from “Trying with Baby” with Mortal Sims

Mini Challenges

“Vampire’s live a thousand lifetimes, here are mini challenges to last a lifetime.”

Master Painter

  • Have a Vampire reach Level 10 in the Painting Skill & Complete the Painting Extraordinaire Aspiration
  • Hang 5 Masterpieces from your Vampire sim in the museum for the generations to marvel at

Chronicle For The Ages

  • Have a Vampire turned by your Original Vampire reach the top of the Writing Skill & complete the “Best Selling Author” aspiration
  • Have this sim write “The Book of Life” for your Original Vampire and give the book to them

Vampire Ranks:

  1. Vampire Fledgling
  2. Minor Vampire
  3. Prime Vampire
  4. Master Vampire
  5. Grand Master Vampire

Forum Link: The Vampire Legacy Challenge


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