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It’s another gloomy day in the Vatore household, lets see what the twins are up to!

Caleb: “MUST you transform every chance you get? What happened to keeping a low profile?”

Lilith: “I don’t tell you how to live your life! Quit telling me how to live mine. If we’ve dedicated our lives to the transformed life, I might as well master my skills.”

Caleb: “That’s what reading books are for! Listen, I’ve been doing some research…”

Lilith: “Plus these plasma packs are starting to taste a little bland to me.. I need to refocus my thirst somewhere else.”

Caleb: “I’ve read about that! You need to find other sources!”

Lilith: “Right, Sim blood, I know”

Caleb: “No like fish and fruit…” *Doorbell Rings”

Tetsu: “HOLA mi familia! Time to go out!”

10-10-18_12-13-19 AM10-10-18_12-12-07 AM10-10-18_12-07-36 AM

The twins went off to the local bar with tetsu to find it being Knight nite. When will it be Vamp night? Don’t they have a schedule posted in the paper or something?

After a few drinks, it was yet another bloodless sucking night. The twins were beginning to feel the monotony of just going out each night trying to attract someone who will willingly give up their plasma. That was until this handsome redhead sat next to Lilith. You would never guess.. his name was Tetsu.

Lilith was beginning to think that this neighborhood was playing some sort of sick joke on her, she should have never left her house.

Lilith: “Caleb I’m going home, ya coming with me?”

Caleb: “I’ll catch ya later, I’ll hang here with Tetsu”

10-09-18_11-43-35 PM10-09-18_11-44-19 PM10-09-18_11-43-02 PM

Not much later, Tetsu and Caleb go visit the local festival. Surprisingly it was the Love festival. Caleb went to the love guru to ask for some advice and all she could tell him was this…
“Your future love life looks bland”

And with this, Caleb also annoyingly, went home for the night.

10-10-18_12-36-45 AM.png

Until next time…


1 thought on “1.2

  1. Awe, poor Caleb. Some times I don’t trust that love guru <.<


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