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Back at the Vatore household…

Caleb’s a bit upset that Lilith ran off with her coven the next day after her Halloween party. She didn’t even clean up the kitchen. Guess that should have been the caterers job… curious the only thing she baked were cookies right?

10-28-18_10-45-07 AM.png

He had to get out of the house and it happened to be the love festival was in town again. The last time he was here it was for about an hour and it was just enough time for the love guru to tell him his love future was bland.

10-28-18_10-50-54 AM.png

Love Guru: “Heheh! Your Love life! Is confused! You are Confused! “

Caleb: “Come again? What was that?”

10-28-18_10-51-29 AM.png

Love Guru: “You are confused!! Confused is you!!”

Caleb: “Lady maybe YOU’RE confused… Quit drinking the spiked tea!”

10-28-18_10-50-54 AM.png

Love Guru: “Tea is for me! Confused is for you!!”

10-28-18_10-53-39 AM.png

So Caleb walked away from that lady and tried to make friends with the stall vendors. His career was a food&drink critic so his guess was trying to befriend the vendors could lead to some free food. It didn’t really work since he just left without purchasing anything else.

10-28-18_10-55-24 AM.png

Later in the week…

Lilith managed to get most of the coven out at the bar at the same time. Glad you could join us Brent Heckling!

This location ‘Spoookaton’ brought to you by @Jonatangard

10-29-18_12-08-16 AM.png

Annoyingly, Lilith won’t take off her work uniform again. She’s just decided between going between a cook or a mixologist. She went with mixing drinks since she can’t tolerate food, what a life that would be to be a cook and couldn’t eat!

Redhead Tetsu seems to be leading tonight’s meeting.

10-29-18_12-08-31 AM.png

Lilith changed into another one of her cute presets. Very post-halloween-almost-thanksgiving vibe. Tetsu felt the same so he chatted her up at the bar.

10-29-18_12-11-27 AM.png

Tetsu: “I’m just trying to get you to understand how ants are just as smart as we are, maybe smarter…”

Lilith: “Right right! And Vamps can replicate for eternity and create a legacy linage like ants!”

Tetsu: “We bite! They bite!”

Lilith: “It’s a blood sucking life!”

10-29-18_12-11-37 AM.png

While those two were trying to spark a connection, Tim was encouraging Brent to do a little drinking.. funny I think the victim was Tim’s wife. Tim even seems to find it humorous.

10-29-18_12-12-21 AM.png

Brent is a little more on the rude and aggressive side because he just left that poor girl laying there…

Wait, now Tim is starting to feed on someone…

10-29-18_12-13-11 AM.png

…and then left her laying there again. Why do the vamps just drain the sims and let them collapse? That position looks incredibly uncomfortable.

I thought this coven was supposed to be friendly but look how the bar ended up, my goodness! Vatores! Take control!!

10-29-18_10-16-50 AM.png

As I was trying to send everyone home, crazy Candy had to have her go on the one person left awake at the bar.

10-29-18_10-17-24 AM.png

What an exhausting day!

Until next time…


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  1. I think the bartenders should have garlic spray in a holster. 🙂


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