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Another day, another night at the bar! Lilith found herself at the shrieking llama. Somehow Lilith found attraction to redheaded men, don’t ask me why! For once she met this one guy, Vivaan Basu. She was about to tell him about her vampire legacy but come to find out, he was a vamp as well! And a higher rank at that! She asked for some quick drunken training and next think you know, she’s out there dueling!

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She found Redhead Tetsu again. And with her newfound confidence, she took him home! They had some deep conversation about their beliefs, they even made out a bit. As the night progressed, she had this urge to take the mortal life of this redheaded victim and so she did! Him coming to the house was basically permission in her eyes! Lilith satisfied her thirst in both ways: thirst of pure plasma and thirst of wanting man meat.

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A few days later, Candy showed up at the house…

Lilith: “Hey! I heard you walked out on my brother!! Who do you think you are!! You’re just some Mortal!!”

Candy: “Whoa, calm down there sista, what are you talking about?”

Lilith: “Don’t play dumb with me missy! It may work on my brother but it won’t work on me! Let’s see if you can resist him if you’ve joined our lifestyle. Plus you’ve entered our home, must mean you’re interested. ”

Candy: “Wait what!?? I’m just here to see Caleb. ”

And before Candy could explain anything else, Lilith took her being on the property as permission to reclaim her Mortal life.

10-15-18_1-41-20 PM10-15-18_1-41-57 PM10-15-18_1-42-26 PM

*The door opens*


Lilith: “Don’t worry Caleb, I’ve done this before… This dope master rank Vivaan taught me how to be quick!”


Lilith: “Oh! Isn’t she your soul mate?? The spice in your life? -her name is candy.. but I guess sugar can be a spice-”

Caleb: “I’ve already turned Tetsu!”

Lilith: “Wait? How? I’ve turned Tetsu…”

Caleb: “Dammit NO! My best friend, my soul brother, Tetsu!”

Lilith: “Yikes”

10-15-18_1-43-48 PM10-15-18_1-44-10 PM

Awkwardly until next time…


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