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Yet another day, another transformation is going on somewhere in the Forgotten Hollows. Redhead Tetsu felt the urge to purge.. well he felt some sort of urge. He went over to Lilith’s house a bit upset. His intention was to go sort things out, he thought they were just dating but now to him it seems like she’s infiltrated his body.

Tetsu: “I can’t stomach food, I cant go out during the day without feeling like the sun is going to kill me… This isn’t exactly what I signed up for”

Lilith: “Honestly, to create a coven isn’t anything anyone asks for”

Tetsu: “A what? What kind of cult are you running here lady? I gotta go…”

And with that, he left without Lilith having to ask him to leave.

10-17-18_12-12-00 AM10-17-18_12-12-26 AM10-17-18_12-12-14 AM10-17-18_10-38-18 AM10-17-18_10-38-31 AM

A few days have passed and Lilith never heard from Tetsu. She was not about to be stood up be some random TOWNIE!! She would call him but it would go straight to voicemail: “Sorry Tetsu is a Vampire now and cannot come out during the day.”

Okay, believable. But Lilith would call him at night and he somehow would have a different voicemail saying: “Sorry Tetsu is sleeping right now.”

OKAY. NOW Lilith looks crazy. She even went as far as to go to the local festival DURING THE DAY. Yes, in the sun. Even though she has maxed out her SUN PROTECTION levels, she didn’t last an hour outside.

10-17-18_8-49-26 PM10-17-18_8-44-13 PM

Also, since becoming a Max Level Grand Master, Lilith and Caleb can only tolerate sleeping in a coffin. Why those aren’t already placed in the house I am not sure… Also, why are mirrors a GIFT for leveling up in vampires? I thought they couldn’t look at their own reflection? Maybe thats a ghost lol…. Anyway they both seem to like it.

10-17-18_8-35-40 PM10-17-18_8-34-21 PM

Until next time…



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